Betty Fegley with Lauren Ray, physical therapist assistant

After Betty Fegley had colon surgery, she needed rehabilitation before she could go home to her husband, Didrick.


She had also fallen at the hospital, and she was at high risk of falling again.


On Aug. 18, 2016, Fegley arrived at Garden Terrace at Overland Park, Kansas. She needed assistance with walking and standing, as well as getting in and out of bed and in daily tasks like grooming, bathing and getting dressed. She had difficulty expressing herself, and she had two stage II ulcers.


The nursing team worked with Fegley to heal the sores, which they achieved. Meanwhile, therapists worked with Fegley five days a week to help her regain as much function as possible so that her husband could take care of her at home. They focused a lot on trunk strengthening, core stability, standing balance and leg and arm strengthening. The Omnicycle and NuStep® machines helped Fegley exercise her upper and lower body at the same time.


“Betty’s daily dedication to therapy led to successful outcomes,” said Trey Shandy, occupational therapist.


On Aug. 24, Fegley went home to Didrick. She was able to do most tasks with just supervision and was able to speak and communicate better.


“With her hard work and determination, Betty was able to meet her goals and return home,” said Lauren Ray, physical therapist assistant.