Darrell Cox with Jaime Renz, physical therapist assistant

Garden Terrace at Overland Park, Kansas, was recently able to help a gentleman who had declined beyond what his wife was able to help him with.


Darrell Cox came to the facility on Oct. 28, 2016, after having four falls within a few months. He needed extensive assistance with bathing and cognition, and he needed moderate assistance with getting dressed and grooming, as well as speaking.


Physical, occupational and speech therapists met with Cox five times a week to help him regain enough independence to return home to his wife. The Omnicycle was one tool therapists used for helping him exercise and regain strength. They also used electrical stimulation on his upper back muscles to reduce rigidity and improve posture. Cox did exercises focused on different muscle groups, from his legs and trunk to his arms and neck.


Speech therapists helped by teaching Cox compensatory strategies for communicating his wants and needs to his caregivers and having meaningful conversation with his family.


Cox was able to go home on Jan. 5, 2017. He had improved in his cognition, speech, mobility and ability to take care of his activities of daily living.


“Everyone from admission to discharge was kind and compassionate and showed respect to me and my husband,” said Cox’s wife, Inez. “Everyone was open to concerns that I had about my husband and open to my input and suggestions.”