Frances Miles works on computer exercises with Patricia Strohm, occupational therapist assistant

After a fall broke her leg, Frances Miles came to Garden Terrace at Overland Park, Kansas, for rehabilitation.


When Miles arrived on June 8, 2017, she was unable to put weight on her right leg, so she needed extensive assistance to get around, transfer from one surface to another, balance and take care of involved self-care tasks like getting dressed and bathing. She was also experiencing some confusion.


Physical therapists addressed Miles’ recovery from a mobility and balance perspective. They worked with her on transfer training, gait training, therapeutic exercises, neuromuscular reeducation and balance reeducation. Occupational therapists helped her relearn how to take care of herself, including practicing the transfers she would need during daily activities. And speech therapists helped improve her cognition.


“Frances was initially resistant due to her pain and confusion,” said Patti Thun, physical therapist assistant. “As therapy techniques were adjusted based on her cognitive level, she began to progress and participated 100 percent, which allowed her to achieve her goals.”


Miles was able to return to her assisted living facility on July 14. She was walking and transferring independently and had made gains in her cognition and ability to take care of her daily needs.